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Reports of Fiscal Problems Over the Next Few Years

Reports of fiscal problems over the next few years emerged as an aside in the adoption of this year’s (2018-19) budget despite knowledge of tax revenue projections that will prove insufficient to cover the expected gaps. ($4-5 b. next year.) True for two reasons: NY’s...

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Senator Griffo has introduced a check-off proposal

Senator Griffo has introduced a check-off proposal, S8711, for heating oil modeled on the propane industry’s Empire PERC bill. NYPGA’s bill met with persistent opposition from assembly staff that one year tried unsuccessfully to amend it beyond any useful purpose and...

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The Non-Container Law

Senate bill 7395-C is the latest amendment to make this proposal workable to the industry. (The assembly bill, S-8940A, has NOT been amended to conform to Senator Tedisco’s bill.) The measure arises from TV appearances of a customer and an assemblyman complaining that...

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Introduction of S-7395

My last report (January 19, 2018) described the passage of A8940A on January 17th. Subsequent introduction of S-7395 (Tedisco) has led to negotiations on amending the original measure, in our view a flawed concept and legally incoherent, though entreaties to the...

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